The Coldly Tapering Boat - Seven Year Ache


Dags att ha lite kul

NU börjar de hända lite gejer. Har ju fått loss lite pengar och då är de ju bara att lägga dem på rätt sak kan man väl säga. De handlar ju om att göra de bästa för pengarna nu bara och ha lite skoj. Så ska köpa en dirtbike. De är jätte bra pris och allting funkar rätt så ordentligt så här är de ju verkligen inget att klaga på kan man ju verkligen inte säga. De är ju bara att ha lite skoj och göra exakt vad som behövs helt enkelt. Man lever ju bara en gång så här ...

stronger gps connection

I drive around with my car a lot in the city because of work and I need to find my way around so I use a gps. But the problem have always been that the signal gets really weak sometimes and that's really annoying. But I think I have solved that problem since I recently bought a gps antenna. It works great so far and I've always got a really strong and good connection. So now I wont have to deal with the gps shutting down after a while anymore and that's really great I have to say. I ...

Library for Homework

We are going to the library in a little while, its a great place for the kids to do their homework in somewhat peace...and I can work a bit still. Now both kids have their own homework..... It went ok, just a tiny bit arguing in the beginning...I do understand how they feel, but I have to be the adult, how ever boring that is...who would have thought?? To have to be an adult....but here we are, point of no return, ok, that point came and went long time ago, Im just reinforcing it in my mind, to myself...cant forget, ...


I read about a tracking bracelet and I would really like to have one of my children. Read every day in nyheterma about missing children and right now it's a great series of articles in a major daily journal here where I live who writes about children who försvunit several years ago. A bracelet may not be saving the lives of those they encounter a madman but you may be able to find out what happened and avoid the lifelong anxiety of not knowing.
Not knowing what happened to them would make me lose my wits.